Be Kind Rewind survey

3 Apr

Be Kind Rewind survey


I am currently conducting a survey on audio and visual technology and need some answers. It only takes a couple of minutes and your answers will give me the needed insight to complete my project.




Make room for some new fresh meat

21 Nov

The Expanded Studio Practice Graduate Exhibition for RMIT graduates is on this week. Opening night is tonight! Wednesday 21 November starting at 6PM.

Be prepared, for you will be consumed by the unmistakable talent in the art sector ranging from all forms by newbies of the industry. These graduates have been working hard the last three years and their works prepared for this event will reflect the sheer genius of what these individuals can produce as artists.

For a great opportunity to witness the breadth of new emerging artists in Melbourne for 2012, head down to RMIT on opening night or any day after until November 30.


Heide Museum of Modern Art

19 Sep

As far as Museum’s go Heide certainly tops the list of most delightful.

Situated in a pretty, yet forgotten north-eastern part of Melbourne; Bulleen, Heide Museum is one of Melbourne’s artistic icons.

I only discovered this modern and contemporary art museum recently, and was amazed by its vast offerings and interesting history. There are three parts:

Heide I – the original house in which art supporters and enthusiasts; Sunday and John Reed bought and resided in 1934. It contains ‘Heide Circle’ members (a fraternity of Australian artists’ living and working at the property circa 1935) paintings and other art. Beautiful paintings by Albert Tucker, Sidney Nolan and Mira Mora.

Heide II – the modernist architecturally acclaimed building, built in 1963 for the Reeds as a new home. It is now a gallery space.

Heide III – the extended addition to Heide II built in 1993 and again extended in 2005.  It boast the largest exhibition space and hosts an eclectic program of contemporary art throughout the year.

The beautiful structures sit on stunning farmland backed on to the Yarra river and play host to a sculpture garden featuring some amazing works. Plus, the best herb garden I have ever seen! Sunday’s creation and now catering for Cafe Vue at Heide.

In an effort to share this great day out, I was surprised to learn many people not knowing much or even at all about Heide. I wonder if it is overlooked by people of Melbourne… so in another effort, I expose Heide Museum of Modern Art and urge you to visit.

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Your Voice Online

28 Aug

Take a moment of your time to complete this short survey. It is for a project that is exploring different approaches to freedom of speech and expression between today’s society and the 70s. 

Any feedback is much appreciated.



Solvent Libel @ First Site Gallery

26 Jul

Today and tomorrow are the last days of M T Walker’s Solvent Libel show at First Site Gallery.

If you haven’t been down to have a look, it is well worth your time. Open from 11.00am to 17.00pm daily (convenient for a sneaky pop-in on one’s work or uni break).

An artist talk will also take place at 13.00pm tomorrow (27th July). The three artists occupying the three galleries within First Site will be talking about their works and taking any question’s viewers might have.

Solvent Libel is a fascinating and visually appealing exhibition, one that will invoke interest into M T Walkers artistic expression.


Video Art Show – BIVOUAC

1 May

Last night was the opening of the Video Art show Bivouac. The response was a generous turn-out of people who expressed their liking to the show with much enthusiasm. Peers of the art world were pleased with the high calibre of works that were displayed.

Bivouac is open for the next 3 nights from 6pm to 9pm, and again next week on Mon, Tues & Wed nights same time.

If you are in Melbourne you should head down to Long Play – which is, in itself, a pleasant little place for a few drinks and bites.


Melbourne Markets

26 Feb

Its summer and a Sunday. Out of the heat, I am left wondering what one must be doing to entertain oneself in this interesting little metropolis.

Many people resort to large, awkward shopping centres in an easy attempt to escape the heat. Large, concrete eye-sores. Uninteresting shop after shop. Irritated couples and screaming kids – is this what we have become as a consumer-centric nation? So easily drawn to the mass-produced product?

Well, I say – there’s better ways to enjoy your day! It starts with an ‘M’ and ends in a satisfying feeling of accomplishment: you’ve just purchased something original, vintage and probably very cute. Not to mention helping one creative trader!

Now, here is my pick of the most intriguing markets in Melbourne at the moment – fitting a number of demo/geographic’s in no particular order:

  1. Charles Street Artists Market – a collection of local artists’ creations and vintage pre-loved items in the heart of Brunswick. 27 Weston St.
  2. Coburg Trash and Treasure – the name says it all really. Coburg Drive in Theatre, Newlands road.
  3. Docklands Sunday Market – from books to bonsai’s to soaps this is one for those screaming kids I was talking about before.
  4. Mulgrave Makers Market – featuring some clever, local talent in a great surrounding corner Jacksons Rd and Wellington Rd.
  5. Pleasant Street Craft Market – A nice little drive to the quaint town of Ballarat with crafts, live music and circus displays.

So here it is… no more complaints about what to do on a Sunday.

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